Welcome to the blog of the gypsy – she travels a lot in her daydreams. From Vancouver to Venus and from Brazil to Black Holes; imaginations and dreams are, thankfully, limitless.

​This 22 year old woman can’t swim; nor can she do simple math without counting on her fingers. But her grey cells are perpetually active, mostly producing absolute gibberish, but just sometimes, it is food for thought. (That’s right, we pack only the bare essentials for living as a Homo Sapien Sapien)​

This Blog showcases her attempts at all that she stumbles upon in life. Writing, Photography, Astronomy, books, world affairs and the other gazillion things that manage to blow her mind away. She might be the Jack of all trades but her King of hearts lies with Political Science and her Queen with Astronomy.

So do check out her blog pages. If she knows you are doing it, she will give you a free ride to the neighbouring galaxy

Toodles – time to jump into the wormhole now. 

that’s me!

7 thoughts on “

  1. A very short About Me. I went through your posts and I loved it. You’re a great photographer and a poet too, so I thought maybe it would interesting to know more about you, but so little on the About Me page. Keep writing more and photographing the skies above. I would love to be friend with you through blogs and comments.

    1. Thanks for going through my pages. I am soon to write a new about me page. And post a few new things. Would love to keep in touch through blog posts.

  2. Hey Pooja went through your blog and loved each picture and the way you have described it.
    Looking forward for more such posts. Just keep up the good work.

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